Resilient Hardware for Energy-efficient Applications

This is a three-year project on "Resilient & Testable Energy-Efficient Digital Hardware" funded by EPSRC UK.

Power management is an essential enabling technology in today’s and future’s low-power devices. The downside of power management is that it decreases the reliability and increase the testability cost of energy-efficient hardware as demonstrated by recent academic and industrial research including that reported by the investigation team. Currently there are no fault models or test methods for power distribution networks and power management circuitry and no on-line soft error monitoring and correction methods for power management hardware. This project is focused on developing new fault models, methods, circuits and their validation (simulation, FPGA and ASIC) to quantify and improve the resilience and testability of energy-efficient digital hardware. Particular emphasis is placed upon cost-effectiveness through joint consideration of reliability, and test and re-using on-chip hardware to minimise silicon area, power consumption and impact on functional performance. This is a three-year project involving two post-doctoral researchers (one for three years and the other for two years), and ARM (Cambridge) as an industrial partner.


Dr Daniele Rossi, Senior Research Fellow   Dr Vasileios Tenentes, Research Fellow
Dr Saqib Khursheed, Researcher Co-Investigator   Prof. Bashir M. Al-Hashimi, Principal Investigator


Project Results

Aging Benefits in 
Nanometer CMOS Designs


Reliable Power Gating 
with NBTI Aging Benefits


Power Gating DFT Architecture 
with Power-Distribution-Network 





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