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See also our Announcements on the myExperiment site, the Presentations page for slides, the Papers page for publications by the myExperiment team and the Mentions page for publications that mention or cite myExperiment.

Reproducible Keynote

e-Science 2012 logo


Realities of Reproducibility

Carole Goble gave a keynote talk on The Reality of Reproducibility of Computational Science at IEEE e-Science 2012 in Chicago on Thursday 11th October

Reproducibility in principle underpins the scientific method. For an experimental finding to be reproducible its materials must be available and its methods clear, accurate and transparent. In this talk I will explore the reality of reproducibility in computational science, focusing on methods that use workflows. I will discuss what we mean by reproducibility; differentiate between the preservation and conservation of workflows; sketch the role provenance has to play; and point to a growing number of initiatives that aim to make in silico science reproducible, including our own first steps towards a reproducibility framework based on Research Objects. Although technical infrastructure helps towards the utopian ideal of truly reproducible science it is social factors that define the reality.

Joining the Hubbub

Hubbub 2012  logo


myExperiment rising

David De Roure will be presenting an invited talk on myExperiment and the Rise of Social Machines on Tuesday 25th September at Hubzero's annual Hubbub event in Indianapolis. The talk introduces myExperiment and Wf4Ever, discusses the future of research communication including FORCE11, and introduces the SOCIAM project (Theory and Practice of Social Machines) which launches in October 2012.


Galaxy logo


Galaxy integration goes live, July 2012

We're very pleased to announce that myExperiment can now be accessed easily from Galaxy, the open, web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research. Galaxy users can export Galaxy workflows to myExperiment to store and share them, and import Galaxy workflows from the myExperiment site See the announcement on myExperiment and the Galaxy Help page on the myExperiment Wiki for a step-by-step guide. Carole Goble is announcing the integration in a keynote in BOSC on Saturday 14th July, 5 years after the original myExperiment closed beta was announced at BOSC/ISMB in Vienna. Thanks to Finn Bacall, Don Cruickshank and Danius Michaelides in the myExperiment team for all their work with Jeremy Goecks and colleagues in the Galaxy team on the integration.

Reality of Reproducibility

JCDL 2012 logo


Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, June 2012

Carole Goble's keynote The Reality of Reproducibility of in silico Science was received enthusiastically at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries JCDL 2012 in Washington DC. The talk featured myExperiment, Wf4Ever and several other projects.

The slides are available on myExperiment in Pack 271, where you can find all the slides on a single web page for quick browsing, as well as the PowerPoint and PDF files (> 20Mb).

Nature Mention

Nature Biotechnology logo


Nature Biotechnology, June 2012

myExperiment features in the article "My data are your data" by Vivien Marx, which appears in Nature Biotechnology 30, 509–511 (2012) doi:10.1038/nbt.2243, published online 7 June 2012.

In the web-based platform myExperiment, users share workflows or keep them private. First, a scientist must be ready to deposit information, which is a step reluctantly taken, as it is the “expensive” and “undervalued” task of sharing and describing what is deposited. A follow-on chapter is persuading scientists to share with others...

De Roure promotes abandoning the idea that “knowledge has to be exchanged in paper-sized chunks.”...

Advanced Digital Scholorship

WebIST logo


Web Conferences, April 2012

David De Roure's keynote on The Rise of New Digital Scholarship at WebIST 2012 featured myExperiment. Here's the abstract:

Researchers in multiple disciplines have harnessed the Web to establish new research methods. The Web is the most usable, scalable and programmable research infrastructure we've ever had, and delivers the e-Science vision of an infrastructure for "distributed global collaboration". It also brings more people together than ever before, and the scale of digital participation has led to the new methods of citizen science. As people increasingly live their lives digitally the Web also becomes a new means of studying behaviour: we are seeing the rise of Web Observatories, and the emerging discipline of Web Science shows us that the sociotechnical Web is a subject of study in its own right, giving rise to new theories of "social machines". These new research practices have also led to evolution in research communication, with new digital artefacts and new mechanisms of scholarly discourse. With this new scale, democratisation and automation of research come important challenges, from "big data" to ethics. This talk will describe the many aspects of new digital scholarship being conducted by researchers on, in and about the Web.

Slides are available in PowerPoint 2011, PDF and on myExperiment in Pack 259.

Attendees of WWW2012 in Lyon were also invited to an informal gathering for the new W3C Web Observatory Community Group on the morning of Friday April 20, 2012.

Workflows Forever!

Wf4Ever logo


First annual review, February 2012

The Workflow Forever project (Wf4Ever) held its first annual review in the Netherlands this month. Wf4Ever is focused on the preservation of workflows and Research Objects and is developing new functionality for myExperiment. See our Wf4Ever page for more info about Wf4Ever and myExperiment. We welcome volunteers to help us test new functionality.


Shiwa Project logo


Collaboration with Shiwa project, January 2012

SHIWA (SHaring Interoperable Workflows for large-scale scientific simulations on Available DCIs) is a European FP7 project which aims at developing workflow systems interoperability technologies. The myExperiment and Wf4Ever team had a meeting with SHIWA in January to discuss collaboration, and attended the Workshops on e-Science Workflows meeting in Budapest in February.

myExperiment and Wf4Ever go to Sweden

Microsoft eScience 2011 logo


IEEE and Microsoft eScience, Stockholm, December 2011

David De Roure and Khalid Belhajjame gave talks on 6th December 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden: DDeR spoke on Computational Research Objects at the Microsoft 2011 eScience Workshop and Khalid spoke on Fostering Scientific Workflow Preservation Through Discovery of Substitute Services at the colocated IEEE eScience Conference.

Transforming Scholarly Communication

Microsoft New England Lab


2011 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication, October 2011

David De Roure demoed myExperiment at the Microsoft 2011 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication held October 23–25, 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Social Objects

Social Objects logo


International Workshop on Social Object Networks, October 2011

Sean Bechhofer presented Scientific Social Objects at the 1st International Workshop on Social Object Networks held in conjunction with 3rd IEEE Conference on Social Computing (SocialCom 2011), 9th-11th October 2011 in Boston, MA, USA.

Schloss Dagstuhl

Dagstuhl photo


Future of Research Communication, August 2011

"When it comes to the communication of research results, are the days of paper and pdf over?" Carole Goble, David De Roure and various friends of myExperiment are attending this seminar in Schloss Dagstuhl. Watch this space for materials from the event.

Services Congress

IEEE Services 2011 Logo


Services go Wild in Washington, July 2011

Carole Goble gave a keynote on Web Services in the Scientific Wilds on Friday 8th July at IEEE CLOUD/ICWS/SCC/SERVICES 2011 in Washington, DC.

SPARQLing Visualisations

Groups Visualisation


Visualisations produced for Social Networking workshop, April 2011

A new series of visualisations of the results of SPARQL queries using Cytoscape, exploring the networks of myExperiment - thanks to Sean Bechhofer and David Newman for their sparqling ideas.

Multiple Networks of myExperiment

CCGrid logo


myExperiment/Wf4Ever keynote at Social Networking workshop, April 2011

David De Roure is presenting the keynote talk at SN4CCGridS - the First IEEE/ACM Workshop on the application of Social Networking concepts to Cluster, Cloud, Grid and Services Computing - held in conjunction with CCGrid 2011 on Monday May 23rd. Abstract follows...

The myExperiment social website for scientists has created a social network of people and the digital artefacts that they share. These artefacts are themselves networks: workflows are networks of services and components, and myExperiment's 'packs' are prototypical research objects which describe networks of other items. As a repository supporting Linked Data, myExperiment can provide these networks as RDF graphs. This talk will give an overview of myExperiment and new developments in the Wf4Ever project, discussing the multiple networks and suggesting how they might be used to assist researchers in using the site.


Upgraded SPARQL Endpoint

4sr logo


New reasoning support in myExperiment SPARQL Endpoint, April 2011

The myExperiment SPARQL endpoint has been upgraded to support RDFS reasoning - if you go to the SPARQL endpoint web page you'll find a checkbox to enable reasoning, and there's also a link to show how your results might differ when reasoning is enabled. This is a beta service and we welcome feedback. Thanks to David Newman for his work with the 4store reasoner team to provide this support in myExperiment.

REST and Linked Data

WWW2011 conference logo


Paper presented at the Web Conference, Hyderabad, March 2011

Our paper REST and Linked Data: A Match Made For Domain Driven Development? was presented in the REST workshop at the 20th International World Wide web Conference. The paper is now available on the wiki.

Open Social

Oxford e-Research Center logo


New Open Social developments underway, April 2011

A seminar on Project Bamboo on Wednesday 13th April in Oxford e-Research Center featured Open Social and myExperiment.

Sean's Blog

Image from Sean Bechhofer's blog


The Eurovision workflow contest, March 2011

The Eurovision Workflow Contest - a visualisation by Sean Bechhofer.

Ever wondered where the workflows that are most downloaded or viewed in myExperiment come from? Wonder no longer! Here’s a nifty visualisation using Google’s Public Data Explorer...

Check out Sean's Blog entry.

Carole Goble NCBO Webinar

NCBO logo


Social Computing for Scientists: Building collaborative e-Laboratories, March 2011

Carole Goble presented a Webinar on Social Computing for Scientists: Building collaborative e-Laboratories for NCBO on March 16th.

Over the past five years we have been using social networking and community collaboration techniques to build collaborative “e-Laboratories” for sharing data, models, methods and workflows. We particularly focus on the “long tail” scientist: that is postdocs and students scattered in research labs and universities... In this talk I will discuss our experiences, lessons learnt and open questions.

Paul Fisher BitesizeBio Webinar

BiteSizeBio logo


Live webinar on Taverna, myExperiment and BioCatalogue, March 2011

A live webinar on Taverna, myExperiment and BioCatalogue was presented by Paul Fisher on March 8th, 2011 at 16:00 GMT on BitesizeBio. For details see

Jiten Bhagat at Collaborations Workshop 2011

Software Sustainability Institute logo


Taverna, BioCatalogue & myExperiment talk by Jiten Bhagat at CW11, March 2011

A short talk by Jits now available on YouTube, from the Collaborations Workshop 2011 run by the Software Sustainability Institute.

myExperiment Evolves!

Photo by Dan Katz


Sixth IEEE e–Science Conference, Brisbane, December 2010

Members of the myExperiment team were present at the Sixth IEEE e–Science Conference in Brisbane, Australia on December 7-10, 2010. David De Roure presented The Evolution of myExperiment and also Sean Bechhofer's paper Why Linked Data is Not Enough for Scientists

Workflow Forever

Kickoff meeting


New workflow project kicks off in Madrid

We held the kickoff meeting on December 2-3 for the new wf4ever project which will be providing methods and tools required to ensure the long-term preservation of scientific workflows in order to support the scientific discovery process and the development of new scientific assets. Planned wf4ever developments include Research Objects, Provenance support and Recommender Systems - important functionality for myExperiment users! wf4ever builds in particular on myExperiment and the dlibra Digital Library Framework, and is driven by workflow-intensive use cases in the domains of Astronomy and Genomics. The project is led by Intelligent Software Components (iSOCO) in Madrid, with University of Manchester, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, University of Oxford, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía, and Leiden University Medical Centre.

Oxford e-Research Centre Open Day 2010

Oxford e-Research Centre logo


DDeR's Inaugural Lecture JISC Future of Research Conference 2010, London, October 2010.

David De Roure will present The Evolution of e-Research: Machines, Methods and Music at the Oxford e-Research Centre Open Day 2010 in Oxford, UK on Thursday October 28, 2010.

Microsoft eScience 2010

JISC inspire logo


myExperiment at JISC Future of Research Conference 2010, London, October 2010.

Carole Goble presented Collaboration and Sharing Computational Research Methods at the JISC Future of Research Conference in Congress Centre, London on Tuesday October 19, 2010.

Microsoft eScience 2010

MS eScience 2010 logo


myExperiment at Microsoft eScience Workshop, Berkeley, California, October 2010.

Our e-Labs team is well represented at this year's event with several talks - the first two make use of myExperiment:

  • A.J. Milstead, J.G. Frey, D. Michaelides and D. De Roure. MyExperimentalScience, extending the "workflow" slides
  • David De Roure, J. Stephen Downie and Ichiro Fujinaga. Data Intensive Research in Computational Musicology slides
  • Simon Jupp, James Eales, Simon Fischer, Jörg Uwe-Kietz, Rishi Ramgolam, Alan Williams, Robert Stevens and Carole Goble. e-LICO: Delivering Data Mining to the Life Science Community
  • Nathan Green, Matt Sperrin, Richard Williams, Philip Couch, Emma Carruthers, Eleanora Fichera, John Ainsworth, Martin O’Flaherty, Simon Capewell and Iain Buchan. A Framework for Large-Scale Modelling of Population Health
  • Katy Wolstencroft, Stuart Owen, Matthew Horridge, Olga Krebs, Wolfgang Mueller and Carole Goble. RightField: Rich Annotation of Experimental Biology Through Stealth Using Spreadsheets

All Hands 2010

Carole Goble presenting the Long Tail Scientist

Digital Social Research booth


myExperiment at the UK e-Science All Hands Meeting, September 2010.

myExperiment was exhibited on the e-Research South booth at this year's UK e-Science All Hands meeting in Cardiff, UK, September 13-16, where members of the team and many of our "friends and family" were in attendence.

Carole Goble (left) gave a plenary talk on Thursday 16th September on The Long Tail Scientist (slides), and myExperiment was featured in two talks co-presented by David De Roure:

  • Shaping Ramps for Data-Intensive Research by Malcolm Atkinson, David De Roure, Jano van Hemert and Danius Michaelides on Tuesday 14th September in the 13.30 session (slides)
  • SALAMI: Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information by David De Roure, J. Stephen Downie and Ichiro Fujinaga on Wednesday 15th September in the 13.30 session (slides)

There was also a MethodBox talk by Shoaib Sufi in the 10.45am session on Wednesday 14th and demos on the Digital Social Research booth (pictured, where members of MethodBox are talking with members of the LifeGuide team).

Our Southampton chemistry colleagues also had several presentations - congratulations to Steve Wilson for winning the best student paper award!

Here is the 3 minute myExperiment slideshow which was used in the e-Research South booth (produced in PowerPoint 2010), and we also showed a clip from the subtitled myExperiment video.

Monash eXPO 2010

photo taken in Monash auditorium


myExperiment and the Evolution of e-Research at eXPO2010, Monash, August 2010.

David De Roure gave the opening talk on the Evolution of e-Research at the launch of Monash's eXPO 2010 on 25 August. The talk was delivered by a high definition videoconference link from University of Warwick, UK.

e-Research South

e-Research South logo     myGrid logo    

myExperiment joins e-Research South

We're pleased to announce that myExperiment has joined the portofilio of projects in the e-Research South consortium. This means it is now part of two consortia funded by EPSRC, i.e. myGrid and e-Research South. We welcome the new opportunities that this brings. We of course continue to develop myExperiment as part of our family of e-Laboratories projects which includes BioCatalogue, SysmoDB and MethodBox.

Music Information Retrieval with myExperiment and Meandre

ISMIR 2010 logo


myExperiment at ISMIR 2010, Madrid, August2010.

Kevin Page and Ben Fields gave a demo at the Eleventh International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, August 9-13th, 2010 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in the Late Breaking session on Friday 13th.

The demo is entitled Semantics for signal and results collections through linked data: How country is my country? and was created by Kevin Page, Benjamin Fields, Tim Crawford, David De Roure, Gianni O’Neill and Bart Nagel. It includes myExperiment support for Meandre. See for further information.

Repositories and Linked Open Data: the view from myExperiment

OR2010 image


myExperiment at Open Repositories 2010, Madrid, June 2010.

David De Roure gave the opening keynote talk at the Fifth International Conference on Open Repositories, July 6th – 9th, 2010 in Madrid, Spain.

While some repositories are focused on data, the myExperiment project has demonstrated the value in sharing the methods that are used to process that data - sharing know-how and building new capabilities through the community. Evolving usage of the website provides glimpses of the future behaviour of researchers and an exploration of what researchers might be sharing in the future instead of papers. This exploration of social sharing and ad hoc reuse has taken the project into the world of scholarly research objects, linked data and what might be described as "Linked Open Methods". We now see researchers beginning to share new methods that operate at this next level of research.

Web 2.0

e-Science Institute


The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on Various Applications, Edinburgh, May 2009

David De Roure presented myExperiment: an experiment in Web 2.0 for eResearch at the workshop on The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on Various Applications at the e-Science Institute in Edinburgh on Wednesday 12th May. The workshop was held as part of the eSI Thematic Programme The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on e-Research Infrastructure, Applications and Users.

myExperiment at WebSci 10 and WWW 2010

Web Science Trust logo WWW 2010 logo


myExperiment at the Web conferences in Raleigh, North Carolina, April 2010.

Three myExperiment-related papers were presented at the Web conferences in Raleigh:

See all myExperiment papers

myExperiment at BioIT

BioIT logo


myExperiment at BioIT World, Cambridge, Mass.

Carole Goble will be presenting myExperiment at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo '10 on Tuesday April 20th in Track 2 - IT Infrastructure - Software. This is a reprise of her talk last year at the European event and will describe why myExperiment is an extraordinary resource for bio-developers developing workflows and protocols, how we have incentivised and protected contributors of content, and how myExperiment can be embedded in a workflow platform.

myExperiment at IEEE Digital Ecosystems

DEST 2010 logo


myExperiment at IEEE DEST 2010, Dubai

Through programmes like e-Science and cyberinfrastructure, the last decade has seen many emerging technologies harnessed for application in a range of research disciplines. David De Roure's keynote on Insights into the e-Research Ecosystem at IEEE Digital Ecosystems 2010 discussed some of the technologies that have been promoted, including Grid, Semantic Web and Web 2.0, setting out to achieve insights into the e-Research ecosystem to guide our future journey.

Research in a Connected World

Cover art


New book announced at e-Science 2009 in Oxford

Research in a Connected World - An introduction to e-research and the technologies that enable it is a new book edited by Alex Voss, Elizabeth Vander Meer and David Fergusson. A few 1st edition print copies were available last week in Oxford and you can find it online on

"Networked information and communications technologies open up opportunities for new kinds of research, often referred to as e-Research. Making sense of the potential uses of e-Research can be a challenging task.

This book aims to help researchers become acquainted with the technologies and new research methods involved and assess the implications their use might have for their own work. It presents examples of e-research and an introduction to the history and organisation of the underpinning technologies, as well as descriptions of tools and infrastructures that researchers might encounter."

myExperiment features in the chapter on Scholarly Communication and the Web and there is also a chapter on Scientific Workflows.

All Hands 2009

myGrid team photo

UK e-Science All Hands meeting 2009


myExperiment at UK e-Science All Hands meeting 2009, Oxford, December 2009

The myGrid and myExperiment team were at the All Hands meeting 2009, on the ESNW and e-Research South booths and giving demos and presentations.

Monday 13.30 - 15.00 Sharing & Collaborations (Christchurch Suite) Lessons from myExperiment: Two insights into Emerging e-Research Practice, David De Roure (available in pack).

Wednesday 10.45 - 12.30 Sharing & Collaboration (Christchurch Suite) SysMO-DB: A Pragmatic Approach to Sharing Information Amongst Systems Biology Projects in Europe, Carole Goble

Demo Schedule (contact Jits) Monday:

  • 12:30 - myExperiment - Box 10
  • 16:40 - UTOPIA - Box 12
  • 17:10 - BioCatalogue - Box 12
  • 18:35 - myExperiment - Box 12
  • 13:00 - BioCatalogue - Box 10
  • 13:00 - myExperiment - ESNW booth

myExperiment Ontology

ISWC 2009 Provenance Workshop


myExperiment at International Semantic Web Conference, Washington DC, October 2009

The myExperiment team are present at ISWC 2009. Carole Goble is giving the keynote in the First International Workshop on the role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management on Sunday 25th October, and David Newman is presenting the myExperiment Ontology in the Semantic Web Applications in Scientific Discourse workshop on Monday 26th October.

Fourth Paradigm

Fourth Paradigm


Fourth Paradigm book launch at eScience 2009 Workshop, Pittsburgh, October 16 2009

The book The Fourth Paradigm: Data-Intensive Scientific Discovery, a collection of essays expanding on the vision of pioneering computer scientist Jim Gray, was launched at the Microsoft eScience 2009 Workshop.

Chapters include The impact of workflow tools on data-centric research by Carole Goble and David De Roure, and A unified modeling approach to data-intensive healthcare by Iain Buchan, John Winn and Chris Bishop. Our Microsoft colleague, Savas Parastatidis, has a chapter on A platform for all that we know: creating a knowledge-driven research infrastructure.

The book is available from the web and is released under a Creative Commons license.

myExperiment Research Objects

Microsoft e-Science


myExperiment at eScience 2009 Workshop, Pittsburgh, October 15-17 2009

Lessons from myExperiment: Research Objects for Data Intensive Research was presented by David De Roure at Microsoft's eScience 2009 Workshop. There were also presentations on SysMO-DB: Just Enough Exchange for Systems Biology Data and Models by Wolfgang Müller, and Healthcare e-Labs: Opening and Integrating Models of Health by Iain Buchan.

Friday October 17th

myExperiment at BioIt

Bio IT


myExperiment at Bio IT, Hannover, October 7 2009

myExperiment Supporting social curation for workflows and protocols was pesented by Carole Goble at Bio IT World in Hannover, Germany on Wednesday, October 7, 2009.

Wednesday October 7th

myExperiment at Cancer Conference

conference logo


myExperiment at NCI-NCRI Joint Conference, September 11 2009

myExperiment: where work flows was pesented by Carole Goble at Joint Conference of the U.S. National Cancer Institute and the U.K. National Cancer Research Institute Informatics Initiative.


EPSRC Digital Repositories e-Science Network


myExperiment at DReSNet, Manchester, July 13-14 2009

myExperiment is being presented by Jits and David De Roure on the second day of the Workshop on Repositories and Biological Medical Applications organised by DReSNet - the EPSRC Digital Repositories e-Science Network.

Tuesday July 14th @ 9.30am - Room G306b


W3C Semantic Web Activity


Biocatalogue launch at Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology, Stockholm, June 27 - July 2 2009

Biocatalogue, a sister project of myExperiment, has been launched at ISMB 2009 in Stockholm. Biocatalogue will provide a curated and comprehensive catalogue of biological web services, enabling users to discover and use these services easily. It also aims to provide a platform with several interfaces and a suite of tools for registration of services by the community of users, as well empowering the community to extend and enhance the system. See the press release and paper in Nature Precedings.

Wednesday July 1st @ 2:45pm - 3:10 pm Room C8




myExperiment at JCDL 2009, Austin, Texas

myExperiment was presented at the Workshop On Integrating Digital Library Content with Computational Tools and Services at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries on June 19, 2009 in Austin, Texas. The talk discussed myExperiment as a VRE (abstract), and the notion of Research Object as an item in Second Generation Digital Libraries - for more on Research Objects see the Rs page. The slides are available.

Friday June 19th @ 11:00 am




myExperiment at NETTAB 2009, Catania, Italy

myExperiment will be presenting at Network Tools and Applications in Biology (NETTAB 2009) A series of workshops in Bioinformatics, in Catania, Sicily, Italy. see scientific programme. myExperiment @ NETTAB slides are available on slideshare.

Thursday June 11th @ 11:00 am

myExperimental Science

Jeremy Frey


myExperiment and Electronic Laboratory Notebooks for Experimental Laboratory Science

A new project to link the myExperiment system with two existing electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) systems developed in Southampton, currently in use in several departments, has been announced today (11th June, 2009). By integrating these ELNs with myExperiment we will pave the way for longer term takeup in the experimental laboratory science communities, including Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Engineering.

The project will be led by Prof Jeremy Frey, one of the partners in the myGrid Platform and based in the School of Chemistry, and will commence in July 2009.

See myExperimentalScience for further information.

Video released on YouTube

Eius Web medium.png


eIUS Taverna and myExperiment Bioinformatics video released, June 2009

A short video about Taverna and myExperiment has been released on YouTube on This was made by the e-Infrastructure Use Cases and Service Usage Models (eIUS) project funded by JISC. It focuses on a bioinformatics case study, with Paul Fisher and Andy Brass talking about their use of Taverna and myexperiment in their research on Trypanosomiasis. See the Videos page for more einformation.

Open Repositories 2009

Open Repositories 2009


myExperiment at Open Repositories 2009, Atlanta, May 18 - May 21 2009

myExperiment was presented on Tuesday 19th May by Don Cruickshank at the Open Repositories 2009 conference in Atlanta.

Group 09

Group 09


myExperiment at Group 09, Sanibel Island, Florida, May 10 - 13, 2009

Carole Goble gave a keynote talk on The experiment that is myExperiment. The slides are available in PowerPoint 97-2003 and on myExperiment in Pack 67

Health Care and Life Sciences

W3C Semantic Web Activity


Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group, MIT, April 30-May 1 2009

myExperiment sponsored the W3C Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLS IG) Face-to-face meeting at MIT. The event was attended by myExperimentors David De Roure, Carole Goble, David Newman and Marco Roos.

The slides for David De Roure's myExperiment keynote on myExperiment: Towards Research Objects are available in PowerPoint 97-2003 and PowerPoint 2007, and on myExperiment in Pack 65

myExperiment Phase 2 funding announced

JISC logo


myExperiment Repository Enhancement Project commences April 2009

We're pleased to announce that JISC has awarded myExperiment a second phase of funding, in which myExperiment will be integrated with EPrints in Southampton and the new Fedora-based Institutional Repository in Manchester. Our many other planned enhancements include extending the packs mechanism to support search and versioning of pack contents, supporting a broader range of contribution types, enabling user-provided controlled vocabularies for smarter discovery, implementing analytics for effective recommendations, and developing richer expression of relationships between items to support provenance, discourse and rights flow.

Web 2 Week

e-Science Institute


Web 2 Week at NeSC, Edinburgh, March 2009

The myExperiment team attended the Web 2 Week in Edinburgh - or to give it the full title, The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on e-Research Infrastructure, Applications and Users - and gave a series of presentations and tutorials.

Paul Fisher also demonstrated myExperiment at a later event E-Science: The Changing Landscape. See the review of both events in the May 2009 NeSC Newsletter.

Open Science

Open Science


Open Science Workshop at PSB 2009, Hawaii, January 2009

myExperiment features in the Open Science Workshop on January 5, 2009, at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing on The Big Island of Hawaii.

Carole Goble wins the 1st Jim Gray eScience Award

Jim Gray Award


2008 Microsoft eScience workshop, Indianapolis, December 2008

Carole Goble received the inaugural Microsoft Research Jim Gray eScience Award on Monday 8th December at the 2008 Microsoft eScience workshop, in recognition of her achievements in the application of computing technology to scientific insight and innovation. The award was presented by Tony Hey, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft External Research.

Official photo: small medium large

Left to right: Daron Green (Senior Director of Microsoft External Research), Professor Carole Goble (University of Manchester, UK) and Tony Hey (Corporate Vice President of Microsoft External Research)

Unofficial photos taken by David De Roure at the event are on flickr

See also the Microsoft Press Feature, Manchester University feature and Manchester Computer Science Feature as well as wide coverage in the blogsphere.

myExperiment goes to Indianaoplis

e-Science 2008

Indianapolis, December 2008

myExperiment and Biocatalogue were presented at the 2008 Microsoft eScience workshop and the 4th IEEE International Conference on e-Science in a series of talks:

Tuesday 9 Microsoft Workshop 1.30 Accelerating Time to Experiment – The myExperiment Approach to Open Science
2.00 Biocatalogue: A Curated Web Service Registry for the Life Science Community
Wednesday 10 SWBES08 Workshop 1.00 Where Experimental Work Flows
Main conference Track 1 2.15 The Social Virtual Research Environment
Thursday 11 Abstractions workshop 1.00 Towards Computational Abstractions over a RESTful Architecture
Friday 12 Digital Repositories Workshop 9.30 How Repositories can Learn from the Failings of the Grid

The slides for the myExperiment talk are available on Slideshare.

Photos on flickr: Research Objects at the SWBES Workshop, and discussing the differences between workflows and scripts with Ewa Deelman.

UK e-Science All Hands Meeting

myExperiment Mug 2008


Edinburgh, September 2008

The myExperiment team attended the UK eScience All Hands meeting in Edinburgh, September 8-11 (armed with new myExperiment mugs!) We demoed myExperiment on Tuesday 9th in the main demo area, and the demonstration programme also included Taverna and the other Virtual Research Environment projects.

ISMB and BOSC 2008

ISMB Stand


Toronto, Canada, July 2008. Taverna and myExperiment were presented at the Manchester Bioinformatics stand at the 2008 Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) Conference.

Katy Wolstencroft and Paul Fisher gave a demo of taverna and myExperiment at ISMB, and Jiten Bhagat presented myExperiment at the Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC).

From left to right: Marco Roos, Jiten Bhagat, Paul Fisher, David Withers, Carole Goble, David De Roure, Katy Wolstencroft.

Previous Events

  • David De Roure presented myExperiment at the International Summer School on Grid Computing (ISSGC) 2008 in Hungary, July 2008.
  • David De Roure presented myExperiment at the JISC Innovation Forum, Keele, UK July 2008.
  • Carole Goble interviewed in Interface, the NBIC newsletter, June 2008.
  • David De Roure presented Six Principles of Software Design to Empower Scientists at the e-Science Project Management Symposium held at OeRC, Oxford, April 2008.
  • David De Roure and Jiten Bhagat presented Towards Science Mashups in myExperiment at the at Microsoft Science All Hands Meeting in Seattle, March 2008.
  • myExperiment mentioned in Nature Nature 451, 1024-1025 (20 February 2008).
  • myExperiment featured in David De Roure's seminarThe New e-Science at the Oxford e-research Centre, Oxford, February 2008.
  • myExperiment mentioned in Jim Hendler's article Reinventing Academic Publishing, Part 3 in in IEEE Intelligent Systems January/February 2008, page 2-3.
  • myExperiment featured in Carole Goble's keynote Curating Services and Workflows: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly at the 3rd International Digital Curation Conference, Washington DC, December 2007.
  • myExperiment featured in David De Roure's keynote The New e-Science at the IEEE e-Science Conference, Bangalore, December 2007.
  • is live! We are pleased to announce that we moved from closed to open beta on 12th November 2007. It was demoed at 9am PST by Savas Parastatidis at Supercomputing 07 in Reno and blogged.
  • myExperiment was presented by Carole Goble and David De Roure at the Microsoft e-Science Workshop at RENCI, North Carolina, 21-23 October, 2007.
  • myExperiment was presented by David De Roure in the Web 2.0 workshop and the Workflow session (WFM-RG) at OGF21 in Seattle, 15 October, 2007.
  • myExperiment was introduced by Katy Wolstencroft at the Joint OMII-UK & EBI Industry Programme Workshop, Hinxton, Cambridge UK, October 8-9 2007.
  • myExperiment featured in talks by David De Roure at the Workshop on Scientific and Scholarly Workflow, Washington, October 2007.
  • myExperiment featured in Carole Goble's keynotes at GRID2007 (Austin, Texas) and e-Social Science 2007 (Ann Arbor).
  • The myExperiment fully-RESTful Developer's API is now available ( PDF)
  • Members of the myExperiment team were present at the UK e-Science All Hands meeting in Nottingham, 10-13 September 2007 - with T shorts and mugs! myExperiment also featured in the VRE roundtable discussion on Wednesday 12th.
  • Carole Goble gave a talk on myExperiment: A MySpace for the Self-serving Bioinformatician at the 4th Integrative Bioinformatics Workshop, Ghent, on September 11, 2007.
  • myExperiment was introduced by Katy Wolstencroft at BOSC, Vienna on Saturday 21st July 2007 and opened for Beta testers at BOSC and ISMB
  • myExperiment was demoed at the International Summer School on Grid Computing 2007, Sweden (ISSG07) on 20th July 2007 and opened for Beta testers on the myExperiment-discuss list. DDeR gave a position statement on Ending the Tyranny of the Grid - here are the slides.