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University of Southampton Press Releases

Southampton scientists reveal how Lottery players choose their numbers: A general release about the lottery study.

Southampton scientists use a commodity supercomputer to reveal how Lottery players choose their numbers: A release emphasising the IT aspects of the work.

Press Coverage

Sunday Telegraph article
How to win the lottery jackpot outright, 20 Dec 1998, p8.
Ziff-Davis ZDNet
Super computer does lottery
BBC News Online
Supercomputer reveals how to avoid sharing lottery jackpot
Science and You
Ways to win bigger lottery jackpot (in Chinese)

Academic Publications

S.J.Cox, G.J.Daniell and D.A.Nicole, Using Maximum Entropy to Double One's Expected Winnings in the UK National Lottery, The Statistician (J.R.Statist.Soc.D) 47, 1998, 629-641.

D.A.Nicole, K.Takeda and I.C.Wolton, HPC on DEC Alphas and Windows NT, Proc, HPCI '98 Conf., Manchester, 1998, 551-557.

S.J.Cox, G.J.Daniell and D.A.Nicole, Maximum Entropy, Parallel Computations and Lotteries, Proceedings of the International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications 1998 (PDPTA 1998), 1252-58.

S.J.Cox, D.A.Nicole and K.Takeda, Commodity High Performance Computing at Commodity Prices, WOTUG-21 Proc, 21st World Ocean and Transputer User Group Technical Meeting, Canterbury, 1998.

Commodity Supercomputing

The calculations were performed using a commodity supercomputer built by members of the team.

Other Lottery Information

We are grateful to Richard Lloyd for putting the data used in our research into the public domain. This and other lottery information can be found on http://lottery.merseyworld.com.