Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

The Subject Centre received funding via the Higher Education Academy to explore ways in which our subject communities may be able to contribute towards HEFCE's Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) agenda. Each participant submitted a short article on what ESD means to his or her experience of teaching languages, linguistics or area studies.

Key contact(s):

John Canning
Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies

Funded by:

Higher Education Academy

Project aims:

  • To build awareness and understanding of the principles of ESD in the context of Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
  • To research current ESD practice and the availability of existing learning and teaching resources in LLAS
  • To identify opportunities for further development and propose outline work programmes for 2005/06 and beyond

Workshop and seminars:

In September 2005, the English Subject Centre and LLAS jointly held a workshop called 'Enhancing environmental awareness through Literatures, Languages and Area Studies'. A workshop report, including copies of presentations and papers are available to download.

ESD continues to be a key priority for the Academy and the Education for Sustainable Development Planning Group has continued this year operating on a devolved basis led by the Subject Centre Philosophical and Religious Studies (PRS). LLAS took a leading role in the organisation of a series of interdisciplinary seminars on ESD.



If you would like to submit your own article, please contact John Canning We welcome descriptions of current practice as well reflective pieces.



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