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LLAS Event

llasevent iconTeaching film in modern languages
Event date: 19 June, 2009
Location: University of Bristol, School of Modern Languages, 19 Woodland Road, Lecture Theatre 1 (access through the entrance to the Arts Faculty, 5-7 Woodland Road) 
llasevent iconTeaching medieval and early-modern culture to students of modern languages
Event date: 21 November, 2008
Location: The Leeds Humanities Research Institute, University of Leeds
llasevent iconTeaching medieval and early-modern culture to students of modern languages
Event date: 23 May, 2008
Location: The Ramsden Room, St Catharine's College, Cambridge
llasevent iconTexts in translation
Event date: 31 January, 2008
Location: Humanities Research Institute, Douglas Knoop Centre, University of Sheffield, 34 Gell Street, Sheffield, S3 7QY
llasevent iconVisual communication (13 Jan 06)
Event date: 13 January, 2006
Location: University of Dundee

Materials Bank Item

matbank iconAnalysing paintings: an online introduction to formal analysis

This online introductory course to the tools and techniques of formal analysis is aimed at students and anyone interested in art. It is freely available for anyone to use, and assumes no particular prior knowledge of the visual arts. The course guides you through some of the key aspects of form - from the colours in the painting to the materials used to paint it - and explores a number of examples through guided activities.

News item

news iconMini-projects: Call for bids
The Subject Centre is funding small projects to address the development, implementation and evaluation of innovative approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in Higher Education. The scheme is aimed at academics wanting to develop and evaluate new approaches to their teaching practices.

Web Guide (GPG)

webguide iconCase study: Lecturing in the target language to post A'level Spanish students: linguistic gains and pedagogical implications
This case study aims to present the Spanish Cultural Studies lecture in the first year of the Modern Languages degree at the University of Bath as an example of how lecturing in the foreign language to post A-level learners can be linguistically fertile without neglecting the primary aim of the unit, namely to provide a conceptual and systematic introduction to Spanish culture in the 20th century.
webguide iconAn introduction to South Asian Studies in the United Kingdom
The efflorescence of South Asian Studies in Higher Education is evident in the range and number of taught and research degrees, the number of language courses, and the popularity of South Asian options within other courses that are offered by Colleges and Universities in the United Kingdom. This article gives an overview of the range of options available to a student at the undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree level, lists the major centres of teaching and research on South Asian Studies, indicates the range of resources available for research and highlights the principal networks of academic exchange and research in the United Kingdom and the world.


Area Studies Collection

ascollection iconEighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO)
ECCO is an on-line multi-disciplinary research database which consists of a library of nearly 140,000 digitised titles and editions, published in the United Kingdom between 1701 and 1800. Full-text searching of more than 32 million pages takes the user directly to primary source material in facsimile copy of its original. ECCO is of universal appeal to Classicists, Medievalists, Renaissance scholars and students of the early modern period, as well as the later period of the Enlightenment. The project is based on Thomson Gale's microfilm library. Registration required for trial access.