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news iconThe Centre of Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning (CEMLL) Survey

The Centre of Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning (CEMLL) is conducting a survey on the use of multimedia technologies in language teaching as a follow up to the survey undertaken with The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies in 2006.

news iconMultimedia Lab Teaching Awards 2009/2010

The Centre for Excellence in Multimedia Language Learning (CEMLL) invites proposals for the development of projects that facilitate language teaching and learning in a multimedia laboratory.

news iconReport on Multimedia Language Learning in Higher Education in the UK
The report on multimedia language learning in higher education in the UK is now available. A questionnaire designed by staff at the University of Ulster in collaboration with the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies, produced interesting findings.
news iconCETL Survey in partnership with LLAS: Multimedia Language Learning in UK Higher Education
This report offers a baseline for future investigation in recent developments in the use of technology to enhance language learning. It also intends to establish extent of use and best practice within the Higher Education sector of the UK.

LLAS Event

llasevent iconDigital language labs (15 Mar 07)
Event date: 15 March, 2007
Location: Brunei Gallery, SOAS, University of London
llasevent iconInteractive multi media for language learning (23 June 05)
Event date: 23 June, 2005
Location: School of Languages and Area Studies, Park Building, University of Portsmouth

Web Guide (GPG)

webguide iconNew ways of teaching literature
This article outlines my experiences in teaching the novels of the major nineteenth-century author Benito Pérez Galdós (1843-1920) to second-year students at the Department of Hispanic Studies, University of Sheffield. My course (HSS 264) aims to encourage students to think creatively and independently, to appreciate not only the stimulation, but also the enjoyment derived from the study of literature. It combines traditional literature teaching with innovative methods and multimedia resources, including an electronic critical edition of Torquemada en la hoguera (1889) and Buñuel's film of Tristana (1892). It is a venture that has enabled both the students and myself to benefit from the virtues of multimedia and 'research-led teaching' in its broadest sense (Brew 2001, McGuinness n.d.).
webguide iconCALL (computer assisted language learning)
An introduction to Computer Assisted Language Learning, including a brief history and mention of more recent trends (CD-ROMS, DVDs, the Web) and professional associations dedicated to CALL.


paper iconChallenging cultural stereotypes through contemporary Italian films

This paper aims to demonstrate how cinema, as a visual aid, provides insights into contemporary Italian culture and society and at the same time how it can bring students into direct contact with an authentic use of Italian language and idioms.

Materials Bank Item

matbank iconSpanish: Los Peruanos
A sample of a programme developed on the theme of Los Peruanos which includes linguistic and cultural work on web documents, simplified texts and videoclips. The materials are for intermediate level and can be used in combination with the work done in the classroom or as part of an independent learning programme.