LLAS Event

llasevent iconSign language teaching methodology and sign language teachers’ training
Event date: 26 September, 2009
Location: The Hawthorns, University of Bristol
llasevent iconWhy CEFR for sign languages? A description of the curriculum
Event date: 25 September, 2009
Location: Centre for Deaf Studies (Room 4F5, TBC), University of Bristol
llasevent iconBritish Sign Language: a modern foreign language?
Event date: 9 January, 2009
Location: Room 1.20, Engineering Building, Malet Place, University College London
llasevent iconBritish Sign Language: A Modern Foreign Language? (Lancashire)
Event date: 9 September, 2008
Location: Brook Building, Room 15, UCLan, Preston
llasevent iconOpen meeting on less widely taught languages: projects and resources for teaching and learning
Event date: 15 January, 2008
Location: University of London, Senate House, Room N336

Materials Bank Item

matbank iconBritish sign language: Photo story teaching materials

These materials can be used for a range of BSL teaching, as students will be able to develop many features from using these in and outside of class. From looking at these pictures and signing the storylines, students are able to improve their BSL aspects, including Placement, Role shifting, Direction, Movement and Referencing. For more general BSL study, students are able to establish a better knowledge of Vocabulary, Classifiers, Handshapes and Sign order. Students studying at all levels of BSL are able to develop their BSL grammar and acquire better understanding of the topic-comment structure, several parts of aspect and manner such as speed, duration and intensity.