LLAS Event

llasevent iconTeaching textual analysis in modern languages
Event date: 13 November, 2009
Location: University of Bath, Building 8 West, Room 2.8
llasevent iconIntroduction to methods for pedagogic research in Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies
Event date: 8 May, 2008
Location: University of Glasgow (Melville Room)
llasevent iconStage 2: Methods for pedagogic research (7 February 08)
Event date: 7 February, 2008
Location: Room 2B, ULU, University of London, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY
llasevent iconStage 2: Methods for pedagogic research (22 May 07)
Event date: 22 May, 2007
Location: Senate House, Malet Street, University of London

Materials Bank Item

matbank iconAnalysing paintings: an online introduction to formal analysis

This online introductory course to the tools and techniques of formal analysis is aimed at students and anyone interested in art. It is freely available for anyone to use, and assumes no particular prior knowledge of the visual arts. The course guides you through some of the key aspects of form - from the colours in the painting to the materials used to paint it - and explores a number of examples through guided activities.


paper iconSolo learning module: Giving control to the learner over materials and learning session design
Normal practice in course construction is to supply learners with pre-selected material chosen by the teachers to illustrate a grammar syllabus or progression. This paper will discuss the reversal of this process. The learners will be invited to select the material they wish to learn from according to their needs and interests. The tutor will provide a bank of exercise typologies, graded for level of difficulty and by skill, and guide the learners on how to select a balanced learning session from the bank which is commensurate with their level of expertise and the skills they wish to concentrate on. This method will make maximum use of the motivation of the learners to work with material which they are already interested in and which may be of direct use to them. It will also allow them to specify which skills they wish to acquire or to prioritise.