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news iconOpen Educational Resources 3 : The FAVOR Project
LLAS has been funded by JISC to lead The FAVOR project (Finding a voice through open resources). This project will showcase the excellent and often unrecognised work of part-time language tutors in HE and engage them in publishing open resources and creating activities designed to enhance the student experience.
news iconStudy of transition issues between English Language A'Level and undergraduate degrees in English Language and Linguistics
The English Subject Centre and the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies wish to commission a study of the teaching and learning issues for students (and their teachers) in making the transition from English Language at 'A' Level to studying either English Language or Linguistics at degree level.

LLAS Event

llasevent iconTeaching languages ab initio
Event date: 12 November, 2009
Location: The School of Oriental and African Studies, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
llasevent iconReaching out in Languages (1 Mar 06)
Event date: 1 March, 2006
Location: Leeds Metropolitan University, Headingley Campus, Cavendish Hall, Room G09
llasevent iconFacilitating transition (2 Dec 05)
Event date: 2 December, 2005
Location: CILT, London
llasevent iconLearning and teaching coordinators focus group (15 Apr 05)
Event date: 15 April, 2005
Location: London


paper iconPromoting the study of languages in the South East through school-university partnerships: the Aimhigher Kent and Medway Languages Project

The Aimhigher Kent and Medway Languages Project was initiated in 2005 as a response to the growing concern about falling numbers of students choosing languages at GCSE and continuing with post-compulsory language study in an area (the Thames Gateway and the Channel area) where demographic changes and the proximity to the rest of Europe makes international opportunities relevant to its economic regeneration. The aim was to raise awareness of the potential of language learning and the importance of intercultural awareness among KS3 students in Aimhigher schools by increasing motivation and self-confidence through a programme of activities including interactive workshops and online social learning platforms. It also aims to raise aspirations and understanding of progression and careers in MFL among students and their families. The project is currently led by the Open University in the South East under the Aimhigher consortium, in collaboration with the University of Kent and eleven schools in Kent and Medway.

This paper describes a number of initiatives developed by the project, the results achieved so far, and the findings of the research into language perceptions that has been carried out in partner schools. The Languages Project aims to create a model which can be replicated elsewhere.

paper iconKeeping up the good work: the motivational profiles of students in secondary and higher education

With the transition from school to Higher Education students are expected to adapt to a new learning environment and to new demands and expectations. As a consequence, during their first year in a Modern Languages Department some learners may have problems learning the language efficiently. They may either be unaware of the new demands, or have difficulties learning in the new situation. Based on the changes in the learning situation caused by the transition from school to university, I shall use a single case study in order to describe some possible negative effects of a mismatch between institutional and students' expectations on the motivational disposition of the students.

paper iconAn interim assessment of the introduction of accredited portfolios in introductory French courses
This paper reports on the introduction of accredited portfolios into an ab initio French language course at the University of Stirling. These were introduced to help students progress from a teacher-led learning environment into one in which a more autonomous approach was required. Student feedback was mainly positive, whilst a slight improvement in grades was also reported. However, some areas of difficulty would benefit from further development.
paper iconWidening Participation and ensuring success: Transition from A-level to university
A report based on the experiences of students and staff in the School of Modern Languages at Queen Mary, University of London, produced for HEFCEs Excellence Fellowship Awards scheme. The project focused on languages. It investigated staff and student attitudes to help practitioners in the 14-19 years range to: understand the future experience of their students; to encourage their students to continue studying languages. The project also investigated innovation in HE practice which might have relevance in the 14-19 sector, with focus on the teaching of grammar and problem-based learning for language learners.

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webguide iconThe role of Linguistics in the Applied Linguistics MA
This article first asks what linguistic knowledge, understanding and skills a graduate from an MA programme in Applied Linguistics should ideally have, and then considers what might reasonably be expected of graduates in the real world.