Folks, As you know, this migration is about to happen. You will almost certainly already have an iSolutions Exchange account, which is being moved to Office 365. *Do you already have some email stored in your iSolutions mailbox???* You can check this at *This is the problem:* For example, say there are already messages in your iSolutions Inbox, and we copy your IMAP Inbox messages straight into your iSolutions Inbox, you may wind up in a real mess as you won’t know which came from where. Likewise for any other mail folders you currently have in your iSolutions mailbox. (This is a particular issue for those of you who keep copies of your incoming mail in both accounts!) There are *2 options* at this point: 1. This is what will happen by default. It is the safe option. *We will create a folder* in your iSolutions mailbox called “*ECS IMAP mail*” and *copy your tree of IMAP mail folders into there***(maintaining the complete tree structure of your folders, don’t worry!). For example, an IMAP folder called “projects/important” would end up in the iSolutions/Office365 folder “ECS IMAP mail/projects/important”. 2. You empty out your iSolutions mailbox *now*, and *you tell us* that you want your *IMAP mail moved straight across*. In this case, an IMAP folder called “projects/important” would end up in the iSolutions/Office365 folder “projects/important”. ** If you want option 2, sort out any mail in your iSolutions mailbox right now, which can be easily done at and tell us you want to be moved *straight across*. Warning: If you tell us to do opton 2, but do *not* sort out your iSolutions mailbox first, you will end up in a total mess of merged/duplicate email that we will not be able to undo for you. At which point it’s your problem. :) If we don’t hear from you, we will do option 1 for you. This is the safe option. You will then need to move folders around to organise them how you want them. Thanks! Jules