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Chapelle, Olivier and Zhang, Ya A Dynamic Bayesian Network Click Model for Web Search Ranking.

Zheng, Shuyi and Dmitriev, Pavel and Lee Giles, C. Graph Based Crawler Seed Selection.

Chu, Wei and Park, Seung-Taek Personalized Recommendation on Dynamic Content Using Predictive Bilinear Models.

Agarwal, Deepak and Chen, Bee-Chung and Elango, Pradheep Spatio-Temporal Models for Estimating Click-through Rate.

Chang, William and Pantel, Patrick and Popescu, Ana-Maria and Gabrilovich, Evgeniy Towards Intent-Driven Bidterm Suggestion.

Chung, Sukwon and Shiowattana, Dungjit and Dmitriev, Pavel and Chan, Su The Web of Nations.

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