CPV 2008 Supplementary vocabulary: Section F: designated use

CPV 2008 Supplementary vocabulary: Section F: designated use - RDF Turtle
CPV 2008 Supplementary vocabulary: Section F: designated use - Tab Seperated Values
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FA01-6For educational use
FA02-9For kindergarten use
FA03-2For school use
FA04-5For training purposes
FB01-7For military use
FB02-0For weapons and ammunition
FB03-3For the police force
FB04-6For firefighting
FB05-9For prison use
FB06-2For rescue
FB07-5For emergency
FB08-8For fire protection
FB09-1For security system
FB10-4For nuclear protection
FB11-7In case of radiation
FB12-0For terrorist prevention
FB13-3With military specifications
FC01-8For waste disposal
FC02-1For waste material
FC03-4For domestic waste
FD01-9For spring
FD02-2For summer
FD03-5For fall
FD04-8For winter
FD05-1For all seasons
FE01-0For packing goods
FE02-3For parcels
FE03-6For post-office use
FF01-1For cleaning
FF02-4For day homes
FG01-2For access
FG02-5For exhibition use
FG03-8For graphic purposes
FG04-1For heating
FG05-4For industrial use
FG06-7For printing
FG07-0For naval use
FG08-3For office use
FG09-6For indoor use
FG10-9For outdoor use
FG11-2For scientific purposes
FG12-5For storage purposes
FG13-8For survival
FG14-1For technical uses
FG15-4For test purposes
FG16-7For urban use
FG17-0For use in agriculture
FG18-3For use in horticulture
FG19-6For camping
FG20-9For kitchen use
FG21-2For subsea use
FG22-5For cosmetics
FG23-8For tourism
FG24-1For use in artistic performances
FG25-4For buildings or goods of particular historical or architectural interest