Maps and Plans

Plans of the site, by period

For the purposes of this course we will be using the following chronology:

  1. In week one we concentrate on the “Claudian” phase, also known as Period One on the Portus Project. This effectively stretches from the beginning of port construction in AD 42 until its inauguration under the Emperor Nero in AD 64. Download plan of Period One (PDF).
  2. In week two we will look at the “Trajanic” phase, or Period Two. This phase covers the development of the port during the reign of the emperor Trajan, with the majority of work probably concentrated between AD 110-117. Download plan of Period Two (PDF).
  3. Week three moves us on to the “Later 2nd century”, or Period 3, when we see construction of new massive buildings and reconstruction of ones dating from the earlier phases. Download plan of Period Three (PDF).
  4. In week four we focus on the early 3rd century AD, known as Period 4, and the late 4th and early 5th century AD, Period 5. Download plan of Period Four (PDF) and Period Five (PDF)
  5. Finally, in week five we reach the end of the port in the late 5th to 6th centuries, Period 6. Download plan of Period Six (PDF).
  6. In week six we work across all periods. Compare the plans by clicking below.

Interactive tours of the site

We have created a series of online tours to help navigate Portus through the different periods. This interactive website includes tours for the Claudian, Trajanic, and Severan periods, and for the Fifth to Seventh Centuries. There is also a tour giving a bird’s-eye view of the archaeological site as it is today. The final tour is an interactive timeline for the site explaining the history of archaeological investigation at Portus.

The website is available in English and Italian and is accessible via:

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