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FutureLearn social network: Portus in the UoS MOOCosphere

I have been looking at the comments from across all University of Southampton FutureLearn courses in an attempt to understand the place that the Archaeology of Portus learners fit within the wider community of learners on other University of Southampton FutureLearn courses. As a first step I have aggregated the comments from all of the UoS courses that have run to date and then produced a simple network visualisation using the wonderfully easy to use NodeXL. Continue reading →

Hadrian’s Wall Cross References

On the last run of the course we cross-referenced it to the Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets course and also to the Roman Architecture course. This time we have provided some suggested links between the Portus and Hadrian's Wall courses. These links are reciprocal so, for example, if you are learning about Geophysical Prospection on the Portus course there is a link at the bottom that takes you to the Seeing beneath the soil step on Hadrian's Wall. Continue reading →

Portus’ dirty little secrets

  Working with Sue Alcock and Müge Durusu at Brown University on the Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets (ADLS) course on the Coursera platform, and chairing a recent session with the ADLS team at the Annual Meeting of Computer Applications in Archaeology in Paris this past April, I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of institutions tackling the same issues we encountered during our MOOC adventure. Continue reading →