Hadrian’s Wall Cross References

Hadrian's Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier
Hadrian’s Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier

On the last run of the course we cross-referenced it to the Archaeology’s Dirty Little Secrets course and also to the Roman Architecture course. This time we have provided some suggested links between the Portus and Hadrian’s Wall courses. These links are reciprocal so, for example, if you are learning about Geophysical Prospection on the Portus course there is a link at the bottom that takes you to the Seeing beneath the soil step on Hadrian’s Wall. At the bottom of that step there is a link back to Portus. We added this in order to minimise the chance of people getting lost between multiple courses and we will be analysing the movement between them in order to get a sense of how well it is working. Please do post your comments on either course or on this blog to let us know of problems, or positives!

In the future I think it would be excellent if cross-references were only visible to learners who were registered on the other course. And perhaps FutureLearn could even consider these links being a different kind, separated from the See Also and Downloads sections?

We will update this page as we create additional cross-references. Many thanks to all the learners on the Archaeology of Portus course who also studied on the Hadrian’s Wall course and who have helped in making these study connections. There are many more conceptual and thematic links that we will explore in a later blog post.

*Edit – we have now added links to the latest running of the courses in June 2015 (Portus-3) and (Hadrian’s Wall-2).

Portus Hadrian’s Wall

Development of the Port (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Hadrian: civilisation and barbarism (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Aerial photography and LiDAR (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

What does aerial photography tell us about the Roman advance? (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Aerial photography and LiDAR (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Which archaeological features can you identify from these aerial photographs? (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Find of the week – fineware (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Vessels for food and drink on the frontier (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

The Trajanic ports (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Can you read a tombstone? (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Some finds from today (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Categorising small finds (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Find of the week – Byzantine crucifix (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Belts, brooches and late Roman soldiers (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Find of the week – Byzantine crucifix (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Brooches, artefacts and identity (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Geophysical prospection (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Seeing beneath the soil (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Terme Della Lanterna (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

The bath house – a hive of Roman social activity (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

Photogrammetry and laser scanning of artefacts (Portus-2) (Portus-3)

Reading and recording cult objects using laser scanning (Hadrian’s Wall) (Hadrian’s Wall-2)

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