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Hackathon at Google UK to help flood relief

A hackathon event is taking place in London tomorrow (Sunday) at Google UK and run in conjunction with the Open Data Institute, to use open data for flood relief efforts. Projects proposed so far include: A centralised website that serves as a "one stop shop" for local and national emergencies where critical information can be accessed. Have an API so people can get the data in which ever form they want e.g. SMS codes and/or customised web/ phone specific apps. Continue reading →

Web Science Seminar at University College London

UCL Computer Science, Web Science and Big Data Analytics Seminar by Bebo White on Friday 28th March at 13:00 Roberts G06 Sir Ambrose Fleming Lecture Theatre, UCL London "What Have We Learned From Web Science? - A Status Report" The World Wide Web has proven to be an invaluable collaboration tool in the physical, biological, and social sciences. The unique aspects of the Web have led to the definition of its own branch of science. Continue reading →

The Virtual Choir

An end of MOOC present from the Web Science team, performed by Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir. 8409 videos featuring 5905 singers from 101 countries. Best played very loudly! )

Digital Literacy and #FLWebSci : Some Reflections

As we are now in the final hours of week 5, I thought it might be a good idea to pull together a few thoughts on what I have learned from the experience so far, and its implications for Digital Literacies development within the University. Over the past 3 years we have drawn upon the Digital Economy Research Group as a vehicle for pioneering multidisciplinary research-led and technology-informed educational innovation here at the University of Southampton. Continue reading →