Tutor Interview Series: Lorraine Warren – Economy


Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about –
This session is about new venture creation in the digital age.  The internet has made it very easy to create new businesses in a wide range of sectors – but it’s important to get the ‘business model’ right otherwise you’re unlikely to succeed.

What are the main aims you want to achieve? –
I hope to convince you that new venture creation is desirable and achievable, providing you take care and go about it the right way. The internet has brought about exciting new mechanisms for getting new businesses underway — ‘crowd-funding’ platforms such as ‘Kickstarter’ for example.  Of course, you need to know what you are doing before you set off.  I’ll be introducing a  toolset known as the ‘Business Model Canvas’ to help you succeed.

How will the learners benefit? –
You will benefit by being able to begin designing sensible new business models for new ventures in this new kind of economy.

What excites you most about delivering this session within the Web Science MOOC? –
Falling technology prices, availability of data and mobile capability have made it easier than it has ever been to develop exciting new businesses.  The time is right for  a surge of creativity and value creation, and I want to encourage you to be part of it.

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