Looking forward to week 5: digital economy

Lisa, Chris. Kelly and Reuben

Week 5 has come around very quickly, and we are all very much looking forward to the discussions. Do feel free to comment and interact with us and other learners within the Futurelearn platform, via Twitter using #FLwebsci, on this blog, or in the G+ community. We will all benefit greatly from theĀ  thoughts and examples that are shared.

The Digital Economy is a vast topic in its own right, and we make no claim to cover all its bases here in just a few hours! We have focused the week on specific areas of research that are currently in progress by staff and students at the University of Southampton:

Ian Brown takes a critical look beneath the current hype around “big data”

Reuben Binns examines the evolving issues around privacy and the sharing of “personal data”

Lisa Harris focuses on “professional data” and what it means for recruitment and new business development

Chris Phethean appraises the nature of the value that social media creates for businesses.

Lorraine Warren ends the week by reflecting on how digital age has presented new opportunities for venture creation.







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