Tutor Interview Series: Ian Brown – Economy


Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about –
My session looks at the Big fuss around Big data and tries to introduce you to the main concepts to answer some relevant questions for yourself. What is big data? Is my data big? Am I missing something if I’m not already investing in BD systems in this economy?

What are the main aims you want to achieve? –
I’d like students to understand the difference between big data and “a lot of data” ( a fairly common misconception) and to be able to question whether the groups they work with may need systems to handle big data any time soon.

How will learners¬†benefit? –
Students may benefit from a mildly skeptical view (as opposed to a big data pitch) including a set of readings that are balanced pro/con regarding Big data rather than a simple assumption that Big data must be applicable

What excites you most about delivering this session within the Web Science MOOC? –
The MOOC allows for a discussion rather than just the delivery of lectures and I hope it will spark interest to read more about the topic beyond the study sessions.