Tutor Interview Series: Lisa Harris – Economy


Briefly tell me what your session is going to be about. –
In my part of Week 5 we will discuss what the application of digital technologies means for how employers are recruiting and how people get jobs.

What are the main aims you want to achieve? –
I’d like to inspire people to participate actively in online networks. This not only boosts our reputation, it gives us new skills in communication, creativity and reflective thinking. It requires a long term strategy firstly to discover a “voice”, develop a digital “footprint” which demonstrates what we do, and then to build an appropriate network to support it.

I spoke to a large group of schoolboys recently on this topic (slides below) – while they understood the need to clean up their Facebook profiles “at some point”, they hadn’t really considered the longer term implications of their online activities for their future careers.

How will the learners benefit?
I’d like learners to understand that we can make all this digital data work for us rather than against us – by being proactive and forward thinking online we can impress potential employers, tutors or business partners. Relying on a standard CV is no longer sufficient to stand out from the crowd in a rapidly changing global job market.

What excites you most about delivering this session within the Web Science MOOC? –
Connecting to people from all over the world who are enthused by change and want to make a difference :-)