Web Science: Understanding how business and society are being transformed using the Web


Unlike many other technologies, the Web has caused fundamental societal change of an unprecedented magnitude. Research on this ever-changing socio-technical phenomenon and its impact has been developing at a rapid pace in many disciplines at the DTC. Yet there is a great deal more to learn especially when the Web is positioned as the subject of focus.

We at the Web Science DTC attempt to reduce the unknown about the Web by adopting methods and assumptions from disparate disciplines or when necessary integrating this knowledge to form entirely new approaches. Doing this not only highlights the importance of understanding the Web for what it is and does but also what it should do and what is required for that to happen.

Our aims are achieved by gaining insight into the relationship between citizens, the society and the Web, and how these entities impact each other. Our Web science research then also strives to ensure the Web is well understood, not harmful, that its benefits are lasting and growth is assured for all people who leverage this incredible resource.

Our approach guarantees that the sources of proposed business opportunities are clearly identified and the forms in which they materialise are adequately articulated. Given this knowledge, the potential opportunity could be effectively understood and exploited by the new venture creation process.

Leveraging Valuable and Actionable Insight from Web Science
Entrepreneurs could benefit from this insight offered when developing their ideas into commercial success.  Those who manage online initiatives in support of their new ventures can learn to act in more responsible ways when doing business online and acknowledge the role each business, without exception, plays in ensuring consumer trust in any’ digital economy. Entrepreneurs will also be well informed about ways to adopt more effective and efficient uses of the Web leading to increased consumer engagement and retention, and a flourishing digital economic ecosystem.

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