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Reference Linking and Citation Analysis for Open Archives
Developing products and services that support the Open Archives Initiative (OAI). The project has completed its period of funding, but some services will continue: This site will be maintained and updated periodically with information on continuing and related work.

OpCit Noticeboard, latest...
09Feb05 Southampton hosts two open access meetings at the start of 2005, exploring UK and international perspectives

The project was a collaboration from 1999-2002 between Southampton University, Cornell University and arXiv.org. To find out more about the project see our fast facts.

What OpCit did What you can do at this site
  • Find out about OpCit: the formal bits, facts, reports, deliverables, and future directions after OpCit
  • Discover the latest news, developments and key sites on Open Archives, open access, eprint archives, citation impact analysis and reference linking, see Project and related news
  • Contact people involved with the project, including principals, researchers, collaborators and funders
  • Read published papers about the project's work, and find related papers by others in this field on eprints-related topics, OAI, open archives, citation impact, reference linking and specific linking services
  • Learn about OpCit's extensive research and development activities. Not all have resulted in ongoing products and services, but all have shaped the results of the project
  • Follow the growth of open archives with the Metalist of Open Access Eprint Archives
Our sister site eprints.org offers a focal point for support services, community building, news and information on OAI-based open-access institutional archives.

The OpCit project was funded by the Joint NSF - JISC International Digital Libraries Research Programme. It was originally proposed as Integrating and Navigating ePrint Archives through Citation-Linking.
Steve Hitchcock our Project Manager
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About the project | News | People | Papers and presentations | Research
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