DSpace User Group

We encourage DSpace developers and technical staff to get involved with the Repository Challenge.

Thursday 3rd April

Welcome / Introduction


DSpace 1.5 launch, and DSpace Future

Announcing the release of the most significant upgrade in DSpace's history. To be followed by a presentation of the developing role of the DSpace foundation, and the roadmap for DSpace 2.0.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Celebrating the diversity of the DSpace community:

  • eJamaica.org - information sharing, with many customisations for handling multimedia and other content.
  • Pandektis - Greek historical and cultural repository, with context-sensitive presentation and linking of material
  • Research evaluation - techniques and requirements for using DSpace to aid in evaluating the work of researchers

Engagement, Interaction and Personalisation

A look at the Virtual Olympic Museum, and how utilising the semantic relationships between resources enhances the user's experiences. Followed by a discussion of experiments at HPLabs into the use of personalisation features (bookmarking, tagging, etc.) that can drive engagement with researchers.

DSpace 1.5 training

A practical demonstration of how the new organisation and facilities of DSpace 1.5 aids the creation of customised solutions.

Friday 4th April

Interoperability and Preservation

Why the identification of data formats is important and how to improve DSpace's technical metadata, followed by a look at what interoperability will allow us to achieve, and why we haven't got there yet.