EPrints User Group

We encourage EPrints developers and technical staff to get involved with the Repository Challenge.

Thursday 3rd April

0900 - 1030 EPrints 3.1 & EPrints Future.
Demonstration of the new EPrints 3.1 beta (released today). Followed by a discussion of the EPrints 3.n roadmap and direction for EPrints Services, the EPrints community and EPrints Open Source contributors.
1100 - 1230 Research Assessment Experience
Repository managers who have successfully used their repositories for the UK's Research Assessment Exercise will recount their experiences of using a repository for this high profile and intensive business critical activity. How did they make it work? What processes needed to be adapted to meet the high workloads and crucial deadlines. Honest evaluation and reflection is encouraged! There will also be discussion about future metrics-oriented assessment processes, and the forthcoming EPrints support for citation tracking and reporting.
Although examining the UK experience, this session is recommended for delegates from all countries where the issue of Research Assessment is being raised in Higher Education. This session will be of interest to non-EPrints users as it concentrates on processes, workflow and institutional embedding.
1400 - 1530 Repository Analytics
Using download statistics to manage your repository's effectiveness. This session will look at the various options (IRStats, awstats, Google Analytics) and examine how to use the statistics to stimulate repository deposits and to manage the repository's effective contributions to its institutional business goals. This session will also be useful to non-EPrints users
1600 - 1730 EPrints Training & Support Session 1
How to create new import/export plugins and new reporting screens for your repository. With worked exercises.
Also “EPrints Surgery” bring along your repository problems and for face to face technical support from repository experts.
1900 - 2200 Conference Awards Dinner
Join with other repository user groups for an interoperable evening's entertainment sponsored by JISC.

Friday 4th April

0900 - 1030 EPrints Training & Support Session 2
How to create new features for your repository (contd).
Also “EPrints Surgery” bring along your repository problems and for face to face technical support from repository experts.
1100 - 1730 OAI Object Reuse and Exchange
Join with other user groups at ORE information day and reception.