Fedora User Group

We encourage Fedora developers and technical staff to get involved with the Repository Challenge.

Thursday 3rd April

0900-1030 Plenary session

Introduction and welcome

Sandy Payette, Fedora Commons

Plenary speaker, tba

Fedora Commons: a technical update

Dan Davis (Chief Architect) and Chris Wilper (Lead developer), Fedora Commons


Case studies

Putting the ORA into FEDORA

Sally Rumsey

Implementing an Integrated DAMS - FEDORA/VITAL at the National Library of Wales

Paul Bevan and Glen Robson

Repository Redux: UPEI VRE

Mark Leggott

Preservation and management

SOAPI - a flexible toolkit for implementing ingest and preservation workflows

Mark Hedges

Records Management and Digital Preservation using Fedora and iCalendar

Richard Green, Chris Awre and Iain Wallace

Introducing a Batch Metadata Editing Tool for Digital Repositories: FABULOUS

Jenny Quilliam and Prashant Pandey



Fedora and Honeycomb: A New Buzz in Creating and Managing Large-Scale Digital Archives

Eric Reid

(repository +/= e-Infrastructure) ?!

Andreas Aschenbrenner, Tobias Blanke, Mark Hedges and Frank Schwichtenberg

The architecture of Oxford University Research Archive

Benjamin O'Steen


Video conference capture, cataloguing and storage in a web services framework

Alistair Young

Using Fedora to manage complex collections of research data – what are the hurdles?

Michael Wood and Geoff Payne

NJVid – A New Jersey Statewide Video Portal Based on Fedora

Ron Jantz, Grace Agnew and Isaiah Beard



Fedora in the world of Integrated Search

Kre Fiedler Christiansen

An Investigation into Filtering of Search Results by Access Constraints

Gert Schmeltz Pedersen and Christian T?nsberg

Accommodating Diverse Search Requirements over a Fedora Repository

Michael Durbin and Jon Dunn

A SRW/U-compliant Search Service for Fedora

Michael Hoppe and Matthias Razum


Fedora + Atom

Edwin Shin

Fedora & XForms: Current Uses, Future Potential

Kevin Ford

How We Integrated Fedora into Ruby On Rails, and How You Can Use It

Matt Zumwalt

Friday 4th April


Front ends

Easy On Fedora - Experiences with eSciDoc

Lodewijk Bogaards

Plone as a frontend to the fedora repository

Peter Reimer

Muradora: A Turnkey Fedora GUI Supporting Heterogeneous Metadata, Federated Identity, And Flexible Access Control

Chi Nguyen and James Dalziel

Semantic technologies

Building Personal Collections and Networks of Digital Objects in a Fedora Repository Using VUE

Anoop Kumar and Nikolai Schwertner

Content-based image retrieval integrated into Fedora

Pierre-Yves Burgi and Patrick Monbaron

Using Fedora in the European Project TAS3 to Handle Person-Related Information

Ingo Dahn