The Area Studies marketing e-pack

The Area Studies marketing e-pack

Designed and distributed by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies.

The pack may be freely used and adapted by UK Higher Education Institutions with acknowledgement of the Subject Centre.

This e-pack has been put together in order to assist colleagues to market their particular area and to raise the profile of Area Studies in Higher Education overall. The pack consists of the following items:

  1. Powerpoint Presentation: Why in the world should anyone do a degree in Area Studies?Area Studies powerpoint presentation
    File name: Marketing Area Studies Short Version.ppt (Powerpoint 1.8Mb)

  2. Extra powerpoint slides for those who wish to change or add to those in the presentation supplied
    File name: Marketing Area Studies Extra Slides.ppt (Powerpoint 2.2Mb)

  3. Notes to support the slides. These are available as part of the powerpoint presentation and as a word document
    File name: Marketing Area Studies Presentation Notes.doc (Word 4.2Mb)

  4. Report from a Subject Centre workshop on marketing area studies held on 13th March 2002
    File name: Report from Area Studies Marketing Event.doc (Word)

  5. Topics for discussion
    File name: 10 questions to ask yourself.doc (Word)

  6. Marketing Strategies
    File name: Marketing Strategies.doc (Word)

  7. Residence Abroad Quotes from students. Taken from the Languages Box and with permission from University of Lancaster
    File name: 4.4 Residence abroad comments.doc (Word)