These materials are intended as a guide for HE staff on copyright issues, as the Subject Centre understands it, but it is advisable to check with your university library or legal department to be sure that you are acting in accordance with local, national and international practice.

The links and papers on this page are intended to help clarify generic and subject-specific copyright issues. They cover areas such as:

  • Use of print sources
  • Digitising materials
  • Using materials from the internet
  • Online journals
  • Linking to websites
  • Putting materials onto a VLE
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (yours)
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights (other peoples')
  • Paying for permission/copyright licences
  • International copyright law/agreements


1. Copyright licences

Copyright Licensing Agency

Educational Recording Agency

Newspaper Licensing Agency

British Universities Film and Video Council

2. Copyright clearance


3. Copyright in Higher Education

Guidelines for Fair Dealing in an Electronic Environment

Adam Warren (University of Southampton's) copyright pages

Electronic Journals and Copyright (University of Southampton Library)

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) copyright FAQs

Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS) copyright resources

4. Intellectual property rights

Intellectual Property (UK Government-backed)

Intellectual property rights

5. New developments in copyright

Recent Changes to Copyright Law and the implications for FE and HE

Recent changes to copyright law (2002/03)

UK Creative Commons Licences

  • Briefing paper
  • Presentation



1. Richard McKracken (Open University) powerpoint presentation

Multimedia Rights Clearance

Creative commons

2. Educational Copyright in the context of language teaching and the provision of independent language learning materials

Educational Copyright: Copyright Edition 3 - July 2001 (rtf 114Kb)
(revised November 2004)

3. Subject Centre copyright agreements

(these are intended as samples and should be checked/adapted before use)


1. Palgrave Macmillan

The publishers of the famous Breakthrough language learning series allow multi-copying of audio cassettes for students but request that anyone wishing to do this signs and returns a letter of confirmation that these copies are for educational use only, will be free of charge and will carry a copyright label.

See Palgrave's Breakthrough Series licence agreement (scroll down the page)

2. BBCi Website

Copyright statement