Research into teaching and learning in languages, linguistics and area studies

We support research and scholarship into teaching and learning by:

  • Offering occasional funding for research into teaching and learning in languages, linguistics and area studies (subscribe to our monthly e-bulletin to learn about these opportunities)
  • Enabling colleagues to disseminate research findings through our programme of workshops, seminars and conferences, and our biannual magazine Liaison
  • Delivering research methods workshops for the LLAS community
  • Carrying out and disseminating research into topics of concern to the LLAS community

Links on the LLAS Website

Funded action research projects 2008-2009

Pedagogic Research projects (phase 1)

Pedagogic Research projects (phase 2)

Pedagogic Research projects (phase 3)

Subject Centre Mini-Projects (2008/9)

Pedagogic research: Issues in Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies by John Canning

Publications from the Subject Centre

External Links

Evidence net (Promoting and supporting evidence-informed practice in Higher Education teaching and learning)

Higher Education Empirical Research Database

List of Higher Education Journals


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