Cross-referencing my thesis to the course

Amphora burial
Amphora burial

I provided a link to my PhD thesis early on in the course in Week One on the Find of the Week – amphora sherds from Leptis Magna step. In addition to this step I thought you might be interested to follow through from other steps to my thesis and vice versa. The “direct links” *should* take you to specific pages in the thesis, but the behaviour varies according to your device and setup. You can access the whole thesis in any case from the reference below.

I would welcome your comments on the FL platform or via this blog post.

(2012) African amphorae from Portus. University of Southampton, School of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis, 864pp.

Roman Empire in the later second century (first run of course) | (second run of course) 3.2
Emperor Septimius Severus and policies of the Severan emperors. Chapter 1, pp5-6(Direct link to page 5)
Olive oil traded to Portus. On the importance of the link between Portus, Leptis Magna and Septimius Severus, and between Portus and other identified commercial North African partners. Chapter 8, pp 308-354 (Chapter 8 is very important)(Direct link to page 308)
On the different Tripolitanian (Libyan) producers  supplying Portus identified through fabric and petrological analysis of the amphorae from Portus Chapter 6, pp244-248 (technical language is used)(Direct link to page 244)
Political cohesion Chapter 2, pp34-35(Direct link to page 34)
Portus and the Roman world in the 3rd century AD (first run of course) | (second run of course) 4.2
Chronology and nature of the excavated contexts Chapter 5, pages 141-155 (an important section)(Direct link to page 141)
Explosion of the commercial activity at Portus Chapter 7, pages 292-295(Direct link to page 292)
On the 4th and 5th centuries AD at Portus Chapter 7, pages 295-299(Direct link to page 295)

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