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Arrival Instructions and Local Arrangements

Arrival information

  • Sunday 9th April

    If you are arriving on Sunday, our conference registration desk will be in Highfield Hall. To find this:

    • if arriving by Airport taxi, ask them to take you to Highfield Hall;
    • if arriving by train, go to the Southampton Airport Parkway and take either
      1. a Uni-link bus U1C to the Highfield Interchange (bus station) and walk to Highfield Hall (<10 mins); or
      2. a taxi to Highfield Hall (~6, dependent).
    • if arriving by bus from Heathrow get off at the Highfield Interchange (bus station) and walk to Highfield Hall (<10 mins);
    • if arriving by bus from elsewhere you have a most interesting task. From the Southampton bus station "go" (ask plenty of people, it ain't easy) to the Central Railway Station, and take Uni-link U1A bus to the Highfield Interchange (bus station) and walk to Highfield Hall (<10 mins). That is if you are patient. Alternatively, if you arrive at Southampton bus station, bring a telephone and the numbers listed later, and ring a taxi.
    • if arriving by car, on Highfield lane take the road (Heatherdene Rd.) opposite The Highfield pub to get to the Highfield Hall entrance on Omdurman Rd. Also, the AA can provide comprehensive driving instructions, enter your location i.e. Heathrow and destination SO17 1AW. SO17 1AW is the postcode for Highfield Hall, SO17 1BJ is the postcode for the main university campus where the conference is situated.

    On Sunday, the Conference Registration will be open from 12.00 until 18.00. and will also have local information. The evening meal for delegates staying at Highfield Hall will be served between 19.00 and 20.00. If you arrive later than 20.00 please follow the instructions at Highfield Hall.

  • Mon 10th-Wed 12th April

    The Conference Registration will be open from 8.30 a.m., in the Turner Sims building. This can be found on the locality map or the local site map. If you arrive outside of normal registration times 08.30-17.00, and are staying at Highfield Hall, please go straight to Highfield Hall and register for the conference the next day.


The weather in Southampton is usually quite warm at this time of year. This year however, it has been remarkably cold, with very little rain (water restrictions are being imposed in much of the South of England). There again, this is England and the weather can change very quickly (once snow stopped a game of cricket, in June...). The most reputable site is the BBC and there are others e.g. Wunderground, but unless there is a strong high pressure, these are rarely accurate beyond 24 hours. Applying a median filter to 3 weather forecasts suggests that the weather will be overcast on Sunday, and clear early next week. We suggest you bring a coat (with a hood!). .

Getting Around

All taxis in Southampton must be booked by phone prior to the journey, except when picked up at transport locations (stations etc). There are many companies and conference staff will be pleased to 'phone a taxi for you. Some are:

  • Radio Taxis (023) 80666666;
  • City Cars (023)80444444;
  • West Quay 0700 0700 0700;
  • Citylink (023)80555111;
  • Streamline (023) 80223355 - also has wheelchair service; and
  • Central Shirley (023)803939.

Alternatively, there is a comprehensive University bus service and all busses go through the Bus Station (called the Highfield Interchange) marked on the local site map, near the Turner Sims. For these, you can buy tickets on board and all fares are 1 one way, 2 for a day pass.

Network Access

Network access will be available throughout the conference (free) for all delegates. There will be wireless access at the conference venue and around the University campus. For those delegates staying in Highfield hall there will also be wired access via the network points in the rooms (you should bring an RJ45 patch cable if you wish to use the wired access there; note there is no wireless access at Highfield Hall).

In order to use any of the network access facilities delegates will be required to sign a form at conference registration to obtain their username and password.


The mobile number at the Conference Registration desk (during opening hours) from Sunday until the end of the conference is UK 07821 353279


We have just moved to British Summer Time, so the local time is GMT +1 hr.

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