Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2006
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The Conference Banquet

The Warrior

The banquet on Tuesday evening promises to be one of the highlights of the conference. It will be held on board HMS Warrior 1860 which is moored in Portsmouth's historic dockyard, not far from Southampton. The Warrior was Britain's first iron-hulled armoured battleship, the pride of the Victorian Navy. She was propelled both by steam and by sail and was the fastest and most powerful ship of her day. She has now been fully restored to her original condition and provides a superb setting for special events. In addition to a pre-diinner drinks reception on the Quarter Deck and a meal on the Gun Deck we will have the opportunity to tour the ship freely and talk to the knowledgeable Quartermasters and Guides who will be on hand to answer questions. Do not worry if you don't have sea legs. The ship is stationary but affords excellent views across Portsmouth Harbour.

For more information on this historic vessel visit the official HMS Warrior web site.

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