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USITT Research

USITT is actively researching a number of key future transducer technologies including MEMS devices, smart sensing, thick-film piezoelectrics and magnetostrictives, self powered microsystems and the application of neural networks to dynamic sensing applications. The links listed in the right panel give more details of each topic. If any of the research topics are of interest then please contact USITT at the email shown below. We a keen to hear from anybody with applications for the research or ideas for related research topics. Industrial collaborations are now an essential part of research proposals and we are always seeking suitable partners. Collaborating companies have the opportunity to influence the research, benefit from the results and, depending upon the nature of the collaboration, gain intellectual property rights.

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Research Topics

Micromachined Silicon Resonant Sensors

Micromachined Silicon Capacitive Sensors

Thick-Film Transducers

Thick Film Piezoelectrics

Thick-Film Elastic Wave Sensors

Combined Thick-Film/Silicon Micromachined Structures

Polymer Thick-Film Sensors on Silicon

Self Powered Microsystems

Thick-Film Magnetostrictives

Using Artificial Neural Networks to Determine the Impulse Response of Sensors

The Development of Biometric Sensors for Smartcards

Research Team Members


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