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Kai Rannenberg confirmed as Speaker

Jacques Bus confirmed as Speaker

Noshir Contractor confirmed as Speaker

Joseph Sifakis to speak at the WWW Forum

Tim Berners-Lee to speak at the WWW Forum

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New Web Science Doctoral Training Centre

Webworld.jpg Fully-funded 4-year Web Science PhD studentships are available in a new EPSRC-funded Web Science doctoral training centre launched in ECS.
Also available, a 1-year MSc in Web Science. Apply now for October 2009!

Call for Bids to Host WebSci10

The WebSci09 conference was very successful, attracting over 300 registrations, and we would like to keep the series going. We invite expressions of interest with respect to hosting next year's conference.

If you are interested in hosting the conference, we would love to hear from you. To prepare a bid, please send us a short proposal (2-3 pages) to info@webscience.org by May 31, 2009. The bid should include information as to

  • Where the conference would be held
  • The team that would be involved in organizing and hosting the model
  • Advantages of this location (in terms of cost, ease of travel and/or ambience)
  • Proposed dates for the meeting
  • A rough budget (total costs, cost per person, support from external sources, etc.)

In reviewing these bids, we are particularly interested in the following criterion

  • Web Science is an inter/multidisciplinary field. It is important that the conference should not be dominated by any one discipline at the cost of others
  • One of the reasons for the success of WebSci09 was the low cost of registration -- it is important that registration, especially for students and young faculty, should be as cheap (and/or as subsidised) as possible
  • It is important we attempt to avoid conflict with other conferences - a problem given the many communities we represent, but still an important aspect with respect to proposed dates. We would expect the WebSci10 meeting to be held within the next 12-18 months (If the date is negotiable, let us know)
  • The large number of posters and the vibrant poster session was a key to the conference's success. It is important that the location can support this activity.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Organised by the Web Science Research Initiative and the Foundation of the Hellenic World.
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