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Joseph Sifakis to speak at the WWW Forum

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New Web Science Doctoral Training Centre

Webworld.jpg Fully-funded 4-year Web Science PhD studentships are available in a new EPSRC-funded Web Science doctoral training centre launched in ECS.
Also available, a 1-year MSc in Web Science. Apply now for October 2009!


The following workshops will be running at WebSci09. Please follow the links to the Web Science Wiki for information on how to apply for these events.

Second Web Science Curriculum Workshop

10:00 - 13:00, Wed 18th March. Chaired by Dr Catherine Pope.

The second Web Science Curriculum Workshop will take place before the opening session of WebSci09 and follows on from the previous Curriculum Workshop held at Southampton, UK in September 2008. The aim is to explore how multidisciplinarity can be exposed in a WS curriculum.

Workshop on Understanding The Impact of the Web on Scholarly Communication

14:00-17:00 Wed 18th March. Chaired by Dr Leslie Carr.

This half-day workshop is one of the N4WS series of international workshops to investigate the Web's impact on different aspects of society.

The aim of this workshop is to address the ways in which the Web is changing information and knowledge exchanges between scholars, scientists and society at large. Thus far the discussion has tended to be dominated by the economic and legal issues surrounding publishing and librarianship; the aim of this workshop is to create a deeper understanding of the processes that surround and mediate scholarship and science throughout society and the way that they have been altered by the Web's low-cost and ubiquitous information environment.

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