Week One – Your Questions Answered

Fossa Traiana (on Flickr)
Fossa Traiana (on Flickr)


As part of Week Six we are today concentrating on answering questions raised on Week One. As a starting point Simon and I have created a video.


We have also added a video by Katherine where she introduces her research at Ostia and how it relates to Portus.


We have also added some additional cross-references to Hadrian’s Wall course both on the platform and on the blog for those of you who are registered on both. We appreciate that this makes it possible to become lost between the two so we have made sure that the links are reciprocal and we are also analysing movement between the courses to make it better in time for the summer when we hope that the courses may overlap.

We will continue to update this post as more information is added. As ever please comment on the FutureLearn platform so that all learners there can see. We are also going to provide another way of augmenting these videos. Watch this space!

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