Index of Original Documents used to build the Archive of Miao Songs and Stories

The list of documents below are links to a Cross-Reference page for each document. Each Cross-Reference page has the following structure.

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Also Recorded. To see these alternative versions, follow the link at the left hand end of the row.




Song of the creation of heaven and earth

Sung by Yang Zhi

E1 p1-3, E1 p1-3, K1/1 p1-3,
L1 p1-5, N2 p342347

No. The number of the song within the document. If you wish to see the relevant pages within the original document, click on the number in this column.

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Pages The page numbers of the song within the document.
Archive The song number in the archive. If you wish to see the song in the archive then click on the song number in this column.
Title The title of the song in both Miao and English.

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Source The name of the person who sang (or recited) this version of the song. Occasionally the singer is unknown.
Also Recorded Some songs appear in several documents. This column contains references to all the other versions of the song.

E1 p1-3 is read as a reference to Document E, Song 1, pages 1-3

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